My introduction to naturopathy occurred after a diagnosis of breast cancer in my early twenties. Alongside surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy, I also started seeing a naturopath. My diagnosis was a huge life change for me, and a welcome introduction to the world of natural medicine.  


After completing a Bachelor of Health Science and Naturopathy from the highly regarded Southern School of Natural Therapies, I spent time in clinics in Melbourne and Perth before returning to country Victoria to open my own naturopathic practice. 


My philosophy in clinic is simple. Understand the cause of disease, and use this information to promote healing, balance and lasting wellness. As illness presents differently in each of us, it makes sense to treat the individual, not the disease. We are all unique, and I recognise this in the development of each individualised treatment plan. 


I recognise the body as an entire entity- with emotional, physical, and mental health all equally contributing to one’s current state of health. I understand that the unique nature of every client needs to be uncovered. Genetics, biochemistry and nutritional status, lifestyle factors, belief systems and social environments all contribute to health and wellbeing. I consider these complex factors at every stage of each client’s wellness journey. 


My role as a naturopath is to empower individuals to regain health and vitality. I educate and excite clients about the body, and its wonderous ability to heal. I encourage lasting change, with a new focus on preventative health. Good health is not just the absence of disease, but a complete state of mind, body and soul. 


Naturopathic medicine focuses on the healing power of nature, and the body's own ability to heal. For this to happen, we need to provide essential elements to support the mind, body and soul. Where needed, I utilise herbal medicine, high quality nutritional supplements, and diet and lifestyle therapies. Food plays a fundamental role in good health, and I enjoy coaching clients about using food as medicine every day.

Functional pathology testing is something I utilise often. Information gained can provide insight into the cause of imbalance and disease, aid the development of precise treatment plans, and provide a baseline to monitor treatment progress.


The focus on the body’s innate ability to heal itself is the healing power of nature. Naturopathic care is for the entire family, and is beneficial for both chronic and acute conditions. Treatments boost the body's natural healing potential, restore harmony, and prevent disease.

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