Kid's Health

'The health and happiness of our children is our number one priority as parents. Encouraging healthy habits from a young age will arm our children with knowledge to make better choices towards good health into their adolescent years and beyond'.

Image by Jelleke Vanooteghem

Natural therapies offer enormous benefit for children's health, particularly during periods of rapid growth and various stages of development. Brain, gut and immune development particularly, carry specific nutritional demands. When concerns arise, appropriate herbal and nutritional therapies and whole food and lifestyle therapies provide safe and effective support.   

Emma has a particular interest supporting children with Autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. She also has extensive experience supporting younger clients with the following health concerns:


-Sleep issues

-Behaviour and mood concerns 

Recurrent cold and flu

-Immune and allergy support

-Recurrent immune conditions such as otitis media  

-Skin issues

-Fussy eating

-Suspected food intolerance 


'Supporting your child's microbiome with plant foods is an important focus for improving their overall gut health, immunity and nervous system function. Make it a health priority for the entire family'. 

 Healthy Fruit Salad