Women's Health


'All women experience great change relating to hormonal fluctuation throughout life. From adolescence and the establishment of the menstrual cycle, throughout pregnancy and through the years to follow into menopause and beyond. These changes can be normal; some quite unexpected. Every woman and her experience will be unique. It is our goal to support and empower women to embrace and celebrate each new chapter. Emma provides experience helping women of all ages improve and support health through every stage of life'.  


Emma provides tailored and specific naturopathic support for women of all ages. She supports clients with: 


-Painful, heavy or irregular periods

Mood changes and PMS

-Polycystic ovarian syndrome


-Acne and rosacea


-Pregnancy and postpartum care

-Breastfeeding support

-Anxiety and depression

-Menopausal symptoms 

-Digestive health concerns 


-Weight gain


-Immune conditions incl allergies

-Thyroid health

-Autoimmune conditions

-High cholesterol

-Blood sugar management 

Musculoskeletal pain

'We must consider the health and function of the entire body in consideration of hormone balance. Stress, diet and gut health alone play a huge role when it comes to hormonal and reproductive health'. 

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